15 Watt SIP Audio Terminal – Quick Start

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15W Audio Terminal (Zone Controller) 3

The Beebop 15 Watt Audio Terminal is a wall-mounted terminal with an amplifier that supports G.711 audio decoding and has a 10/100M POE ethernet interface. It receives and decodes audio data from a SIP network in real-time. The terminal supports standard SIP protocols and can be connected to an external amplifier. It is ideal for use where intercom, emergency alarms or broadcast calls are needed.


  1. Mount the Audio Terminal in a suitable location. This can be wall mounted.
  2. Connect the audio terminal to the Ethernet Connector from a POE Switch.

Fig 1. Ethernet and Power Connector

  1. Connect Ethernet Cable to Powered POE Switch (802.af)

Fig 2 – Connect to Switch

Initial Configuration

  1. The Speaker needs to be on the same network as the Windows PC that you will initially configure.
    Start up the Zone Controller Software and then click on Search
    You will be presented with all the Speaker devices on the current local network.

Fig 3. – Search Grid

  1. Click on the Device to open edit window and select Network.

Fig 4 – Network Configuration

Select DHCP – Yes/No

If No, then enter IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway Address, Preferred and Secondary DNS.  Click Update Device to save configuration to Speaker. If you are asked for password, the default is 1234.

  1. To Configure the SIP Account select SIP Config.

Fig 5 – SIP Configuration

Enter in Server IP, SIP Port, SIP User and SIP Password (Secret). Then Update Device.

The Speaker will restart.

To check the status of the connection to the SIP Server in the Search Grid.

Fig 6 – SIP Registration

For more details see ZoneController Administrator Manual.

Port Configuration

15W Audio Terminal (Zone Controller) 3

Fig 7 – Audio Terminal Ports

Left Block – Line Output

Block Position 1 Left Channel + Line
Block Position 2 Left Channel – Line
Block Position 3 Right Channel + Line
Block Position 4 Right Channel – Line


Right Block – Powered Output

Block Position 1 Left Channel + Powered
Block Position 2 Left Channel – Powered
Block Position 3 Right Channel + Powered
Block Position 4 Right Channel – Powered


  • Network terminal with built-in 15W digital amplifier
  • High speed dual-core CPU (ARM + DSP) boots in less than one second
  • Compact and easy to install
  • Supports MP3, WMA, WAV and more
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