Energy Safety Notification Systems

that integrate with most SIP based cloud applications for premium energy safety and communication

Beebop partners with Cistera to deliver both hardware and software for safety notifications to energy organizations. Solutions include SIP Paging Solutions for Public Address (PA), Emergency Notification, Door/Gate Entry Intercom & Access Control. 

Protect your energy organization
with proactive security technology

Energy organization security can monitor and communicate quickly across energy organizations with zone controllers.


Connection, recording and analytics

Cistera LMRconnectIT energy communications are used to dramatically improve the health, safety and security of staff in challenging environments by enabling push to talk between existing radios and IP phone networks. Two way radios can be integrated to include recording, alerts and analytics.

Protect the health and safety of offsite teams with interconnectivity. Scheduled and emergency alerts can be broadcast to all devices with one touch including two way radios, pagers, IP phones, mobile phones, signs, email and social media.

Are you leaving your two way radio team out? Economically connect your LMR devices to IP phones enabling push to talk functionality. This then makes it possible to add recording and alerts to your combined network on all devices.

Using integrated networks and analytics, a complete view of your organization becomes possible. Using these insights can provide efficiency improvement opportunities.

Listening to conversations and analyzing recording data can provide training opportunities for management, supervisors, teams and individuals.

Record some or all conversations some or all of the time on all devices. Convert speech to text for deep insights agregated on Microsoft Power BI live dashboards.

By recording all employee communications, compliance and audit is made easier. Incident audits are enhanced with two way radio, mobile and IP phone data that is efficiently searched and retrieved.

Cistera Access Control can deliver RFID tracking systems, biometric access, visitor sign in, visitor wristband tracking, integrated time and attendance management, phone and Office 365 interconnectivity with single Microsoft sign on.

Beebop products meet the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) standard, ANSI/NEMA SB 40-2015 Communications Systems for Life Safety in Schools. They are also UL/CSA, FCC and CE certified.